10 things every bartender should experience

Bartending is a great job, in fact it’s more than just a job, it’s a vocation, and one that most of us do out of passion for our industry. Put aside the long unsociable hours, the often far too low salary and the fact that your parents don’t think it’s a real job, and you actually have one of the best jobs in the world. It’s sociable, ever changing, fun, you get to meet amazing people, and it can give you a lifestyle that’s pretty amazing. These days it’s possible for bartenders to travel the world, drink in the best bars, eat in the finest restaurants, and party in places many people can only dream of going to.

That being said, there’s a learning curve, and to go from simply making drinks to having a career, there are several things that I think every bartender should experience. Ticking these things off the list one by one will expand your horizons, put you in contact with inspiring people who share your interest in booze, and open the door to opportunities you can’t even imagine.

So below is a selection of things that every bartender should try to experience. They’re all achievable, and I promise they’re all well worth making the effort to do, and will help you to tumble further down the rabbit hole of the drinks industry.

Why drink cocktails?

I’ve been lucky recently to have had some nights that were better than average. You know the sort of evening where everything comes together just right. A good bar, with a talented bartender making drinks, great company and good tunes, the sort of evening where you have a ‘drinking experience’. It got me thinking about the little things that elevate the experience of sipping a cocktail.


I’ve always been startled by people who say that cocktails are too expensive but who don’t mind paying over the odds for a bottle of beer or a glass of wine. I admit that it galls me to pay £7.50 for an overly sweetened daiquiri made using the cheapest ingredients by someone who would rather be anywhere other than behind the bar. But when you go to a good bar and your drinks are made by a bartender who does their job because they love it (well they don’t do it for the money that’s for sure!) and you sip a perfectly balanced drink, well that’s worth paying for!

we're going to make you famous! (sort of)

Ok, so we can't really promise to make you a celeb, but if any of you bartending types have a drink that you have created, please send us your spec to along with the year you created it, your name and where you are working, and we will make sure you get full credit for it on our website. Also if it features as one of our cocktails of the month then we will reward you with booze! (yes of course we condone bribing bartenders by offering them bottles of booze!) 



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