2800 bottles of spirits on the wall, 2800 bottles of spirits...

My working visit to the EUVS on the Ile de Bendor is coming to an end and after 16 days it is with mixed feelings that I will be departing. If I never see that cube again, I will die a happy man and I will be happy to wake up tomorrow knowing that I wont have to lift anymore large boxes packed with bottles. That being said it has been an amazing experience and my respect for this project is immense.

5 days in the museum

Here at long last is a proper update and some pictures of the work we have been doing at the EUVS on Bendor. While Sarah has been draining the drinks cabinet at B&T HQ, someone has been working hard day and night (honest). The work has been demanding but very rewarding, and now that the end of phase one is in sight I can look back at all we have achieved with a great sense of accomplishment.